Sky-frame Hurricane


Even though we dont have Hurricanes in Adelaide some of our coastal areas experience cyclonic conditions during the winter months, SkyFrame doors are not only superfine lines and concealed tracks, they are able to withstand the harshest weather you are likely to experience in Adelaide.

  • 30mm Sight Line
  • Concealed Tracks
  • 2-3 or 4 track
  • 1050 Pa driving rain test

 The values of 1050 Pa (22 psf) reached during the driving-rain tests are the world’s highest, and greatly contribute to the water-resistance of the windows. The sliding doors can be motorized or manually operated with a wide range of opening options and a slim 30mm sight line offers an unbounded spatial experience for exceptional architecture. Multi-tracks allow an unlimited number of sliding doors to be installed next to each other 

Download the Brochure for Skyframe Hurricane

SkyFrame Hurricane Vertical Section
SkyFrame Hurricane Vertical Section

Damage from Hurricane broken windows