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Skyframe Promotional Video


 Jonathan Segal | Why architects are choosing Sky-Frame

Skyframe Pivot

 The Pivot system turns opening a door into a creative act: the doors swing around the asymmetrically located axis, creating a temporarily spatial structure. 

With just a gentle push on the comfortable handle on the long side of the frame the door delicately glides open. 

The electromechanical multipoint locking system guarantees safety and security 

Download the SkyFrame Pivot Brochure

Skyframe Pocket Door

All SkyFrame systems can be designed as a pocket door so you can hide the sliding panels away completely, just ask us how we can design the Skyframe pocket door into your project

Manual Handle Operation

All SkyFrame doors have an option of manually operated handles, this video shows push button or key operated locking.

Skyframe Fly

Completely concealed in the jamb is 1 metre of flyscreen to allow ventilation without the pesky mozzies, you can even ask to have your door locked in the ventilation position to allow security and ventilation while you sleep.

Skyframe Fly is not available on the Skyframe Plain System.

Corner Operation

Frameless corner sliding doors with effortless operation

Drive - Electric operation

All skyframe systems are available with electric drive opeartion for ease of use and for those extra large doors when the weight gets a bit much to move manually.

The SkyFrame Drive system allows manual opeartion of the doors at any time so if there is a power outage no switches to work out, just push the door open or closed.

Changing the Rollers

The SkyFrame doors have a roller carriage at either end of each panel, these are easily changed or cleaned with this handy lifting tool, the design of the wheel carriages allows the panels to be shimmed to get them perfectly square.